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Wholesale Propagation Trays

The propagation stage is the least forgiving and most demanding stage of growing plants. Any mistake made during the first weeks of propagation are imprinted in the crop. Propagation trays make it easier for the grower and can add to the profitability of the company. Our wholesale propagation trays come in a variety of configurations. Removable cells allow growers to separate and grade their seedlings. Solid propagation sheets save space and are uniform in size to work with most plant racks and lighting. Most propagation trays can be used in an automated system.

Propagation trays are used for annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and cannabis. It is a tried and true method of propagating in various grow operations. Propagation cells 3” deep and less are a good propagation tray to use for starting healthy transplants. Propagation trays with cells deeper than 3” will accommodate more mature plants for a longer period of time – often up to 4 months.

Wholesale Propagation Trays

Growers’ Goods carries different types of propagation trays wholesale for the commercial grower:

Air Pruning Propagation Trays Unlike solid-wall propagation trays that develop a plant root system that circles the cell, Air Pruning Propagation Trays are designed with holes in the sidewall of the cells to promote dense, fibrous roots toward the center of the plant. This results in less transplant shock as the roots are healthy and ready to take off once they are transplanted.

Biodegradable Propagation Trays The 100% biodegradable CowPot™ tray is designed to allow for root penetration so when it’s time to transplant, you do not need to crush or tear the pot wall, you simply separate along the edge and plant directly into the soil. As the cells decompose, they will continue to enrich the soil and plant. Our line of biodegradable wholesale propagation trays are perfect for: lettuce, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cilantro, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, marigolds and many more.

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