Wholesale Nursery & Greenhouse Pots

At Growers’ Goods, we offer a wide selection of plant pots, containers, and grow bags to get you growing. Our wholesale nursery and greenhouse plant pots are useful for everything from ornamentals to food crops, cannabis, and more. Whether you’re a greenhouse, nursery, garden center, or agriculturalist, we have the containers you need for propagation, growing, and retail.

Grow Bags & Plant Pots for Nurseries & Greenhouses


Air Root Pruning Pots
These plant pots are perfect for promoting healthy root growth. We carry wholesale air pots in both plastic and fabric.
Cannabis Grow Pots
Cannabis growers rely on air pruning pots to prevent plants from becoming root-bound—and we have both plastic and fabric plant pots specifically for the cannabis grower’s needs.
Biodegradable Pots
Sustainably grown plants are key to reducing the environmental impact of horticulture. For greenhouses and nurseries focused on a ‘green’ solution, we offer a variety of biodegradable plant pots for propagation and growing, including the popular CowPots®.
Fabric Grow Bags
Choose grow bags for a blend of flexibility and air-pruning properties. The grow bags that we bring to you are flexible, durable, and affordable. We offer a selection suited to cannabis producers, nurseries, and other greenhouse operations needing wholesale grow bags.
Nursery Pots
For trees and shrubs, you need a variety of containers in all shapes and sizes. We are your reliable supplier of traditional black plastic nursery pots, including thermoformed plastic, blow-molded, and injection-molded plastic.
Retail Containers
We carry retail containers at wholesale prices from top name brands, including CowPots, Hillside planters, and RediRoot® Breathe pots.
Grow Trays and Flats
Trays and flats are essential in propagation for starting seed and producing transplantable plugs. Our offerings include injection-molded, biodegradable manure, and thermoformed trays to suit a variety of needs. Our lineup contains everything you need for your ideal nursery, greenhouse, or other grow operation.

Grow Stronger with Wholesale Plant Pots from Growers’ Goods!

Growers’ Goods carries an impressive variety of wholesale nursery and greenhouse plant pots designed for commercial growers of all kinds. We’re here to help you grow from root to fruit, which is why we also offer grow media, plant essentials, harvest containers, and bins. Contact us if you have questions, to get more information, or to get started today!