Wholesale Cannabis Grow Pots

Cannabis growers face many of the same challenges as traditional farmers. One challenge is how to improve yield, and part of the answer to that question is found in the many steps from seed planting to transplanting and then to growing.

Whether you are an indoor grower, or you like to grow your crop in the sun, there are plenty of options to picking the perfect cannabis grow pots - traditional hard plastic, air pots, or cannabis fabric pots. What we are discussing is growing top-tier cannabis with higher chem levels, uniform colas, and nugs, and for those who grow seeds, a uniform seed production. For those who sell cannabis flowers and seeds, the quality of two things are at the top of the inspection list:
  • High chem levels for cannabis and hemp — THC or CBD, etc.
  • Uniform nugs that are not too big and not too small and that have eye-candy appeal in the dispensary.

For those growers who want to cultivate the best growing conditions, a grow pot choice becomes one of the best ways to control most of the factors that impact crop yield. Because so much is unknown right up until you finish trimming the last nug, most growers have room to improve crop yield. Cannabis grow pots work for indoor grow farms, and outdoor grow farms.

Cannabis solid wall plastic pots — We've seen them - row after row of plastic pots, and they do a good job of helping plants produce quality yield. These have been the industry standard for decades, especially for indoor grows. They hold up well and offer some cost-saving because they are reusable. 

Cannabis air pruning pots: Air pruning causes expansion roots to callous and stop growing, which sounds detrimental. What it does is trigger the plant to produce more roots closer to the root ball. That process provides more uptake options for nutrients to the plant, which helps it develop better branching, leaves, and buds, and flowers. That increase in positive growth allows each plant to produce stronger colas and quality nugs. More importantly, it gives you more control over how your crop develops. More control means you reduce many of the risks of growing while focusing your energies on improving crop yield. 

Cannabis fabric pots: Fabric pots offer the benefit of air root pruning with the advantage that some are perfect for in-ground planting. With differences in fabric, some are reusable for years, some are all-natural, and some are from poly mixes that enhance strength, aeration, and water absorption.  Some indoor cannabis growers prefer the ease of using economical, one-time-use cannabis grow bags so to eliminate the possibility of transferring problems from one crop to another.  Cannabis fabric pots are ideal for indoor grow farms or outdoor grow farms with above- or in-ground crops. 

From the tip of each branch and flower down to the deepest roots, the plant's structure changes when you opt for cannabis grow pots that use technology and the plant's natural cycle to improve the quality of what you produce.