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Wholesale Nursery Plant Grow Bags

Nursery grow bags are essential for plant nurseries and tree nurseries. These grow bags help you manage your plant or tree production cycles while providing reusable products for in-ground or above-ground production. Fabric nursery grow bags are easy to set up, maintain, and give your plants a boost thanks to their technological design.

Nursery Grow Bags – The Fabric Approach

Nursery plant bags are breathable, so soil biota remains active and thrives. Fabric plant bags also allow the soil to stay cooler during hot summer days by allowing air to circulate within the growing media.

In terms of pot-in-pot with nursery plant bags, fabric bags hold an advantage. They are durable in winter weather and help maintain the root zone, in which fewer roots die due to cold and what remains is better able to regenerate in spring. That process goes back to how fabric nursery pots with a tight weave help plants develop quality root systems. The root tips die because of root entrapment, causing the plant to grow branched roots and improved lateral shoots.

Fabric bags as part of a pot-in-pot system are stable during wind, so nurseries experience fewer blow-over, and they are easy to assemble and move in a can-field plantation.  Fabric grow bags with tight weaves utilizing the root entrapment technique are also suitable for in-ground pot-in-pot applications.

Solid Wall Plastic Pot - The Traditional Approach

Traditionally nursery growers have and do use standard plastic pots to grow their plants, which is fine. With newer developments in the plant and pot relationship, some growers are switching to fabric grow bags. Plastic nursery pots have been the standard and offer many benefits such as durability. Plastic grow pots are also lightweight, and they are flexible to a degree, but become brittle in weather extremes as well as during plant growth.

Nursery Plant Bags vs. Nursery Plant Pots

When you compare the benefits of nursery plant bags vs nursery plant pots, one thing that stands out is root zone temperature. With nursery grow bags, the air circulation within the bag can drop summer root temperature on extreme days into the safe zone. With a plastic plant pot, the temperature continues to rise until there is plant damage.

In winter, there is more protection from freezing root temperatures with a fabric grow bag, and in the spring, you have the advantage of healthier roots to restart the growing cycle.

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