Wholesale Lawn and Garden Wholesale Distributors – Retail Containers

https://www.growersgoods.com/contact-usLooking for lawn and garden wholesale distributors? Growers’ Goods is pleased to offer a selection of products to garden centers and other businesses selling direct to consumers. This includes both products designed for the landscape and indoor growing. Below, are the lawn and garden products we supply:


Wholesale Distributor: Garden CowPots™ CowPots™ are one of the most sustainable choices out there where starter pots are concerned. These pots are 100% biodegradable—and they biodegrade quickly, which makes them ideal as a plantable pot. They’re peat-free, too, which is a great selling point. The bogs that peat is harvested from can take as much as a century to regenerate whereas the composted cow manure that goes into CowPots™ is a renewable resource. CowPots™ are available in sizes 3” round or square pots; 4” square pots; SixCell flat germination tray, which means there are a variety of sizes available for all your retail needs.

Wholesale Distributor: Lawn and Garden Hillside Planter Pots from Hillside Planter are an invaluable tool that your gardening and landscaping clientele will love. Steep slopes can be difficult to landscape. Erosion is a major issue, particularly when it exposes root systems or even uproots plants during particularly heavy rain. Terracing and layers of fabric mesh to prevent these problems can be expensive. With all of that, plants often don’t receive adequate water on a slope since the water has a habit of washing downhill rather than penetrating the soil. The Hillside Planter offers a solution to these problems. It’s a pot designed to be buried along a slope, kind of like a mini terrace. It prevents erosion around root systems, and because it offers a flat soil surface, it ensures that plants get all the water they need.

Wholesale Distributor: RediRoot Breathe Indoor and Outdoor Garden Plant Pots Breathe by RediRoot is a unique—and beautiful—alternative to traditional planters and pots. These are a type of air root pruning pot, which means the beautiful fan designs cut into the pot’s walls serve as more than just decoration. They allow air to contact roots, which naturally prunes them while fostering lateral root growth. The result is a plant with dense root systems—which in turn makes plants better able to absorb nutrients and water. RediRoot Breathe pots produce healthy, happy plants—and these pots are available in several colors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Growers’ Goods carries products that you won’t find at other lawn and garden wholesale distributors. Partner with us and we’ll flourish together.