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Wholesale Home and Garden Wholesale Distributor - Breathe Plant Pots

As a Home and Garden Wholesale Distributor, Growers’ Goods offers a selection of plant container products to garden centers and other retail establishments selling direct to consumers.  Our Home and Garden products include beautiful, unique, and highly functional Breathe Planters.

RediRoot Breathe Home and Garden Planters

Breathe by RediRoot is a unique—and beautiful—alternative to traditional planters and pots. These are a type of air root pruning pot, which means the beautiful fan designs cut into the pot’s walls serve as more than just decoration. They allow air to contact roots, which naturally prunes them while fostering lateral root growth. The result are plants with dense root systems—which in turn makes plants better able to absorb nutrients and water. RediRoot Breathe pots produce healthy, happy plants.  Growers’ Goods, home and garden wholesalers of unique plant pots, distribute these planters in several colors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Customer Benefits of Wholesale Breathe Planters

  • Superior drainage & air flow mean no more plant deaths from overwatering
  • Aeration prevents circling roots while encouraging new growth
  • Made from lightweight materials so large plants can be moved with ease
  • Works beautifully indoors & out

Wholesale Distributor Home and Garden Breathe Planters Options

Our wholesale Breathe plant pots are packaged for garden centers and ready to sell.  The wholesale Breathe plant pot and saucer is made of recycled polypropylene and suitable for a variety of edible and ornamental plants.  We offer 3 color options:
  • Misty Mint
  • Pearly White
  • Deep Ocean
Planter dimension:  10.63” x 10.16”
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