Wholesale Air Root Pruning Pots

Growers’ Goods offers a variety of air root pruning pots, both fabric and plastic. Compared to traditional root pruning, air pruning is a much more efficient and effective way to build a healthy root system. Traditionally, plants are grown in smooth-wall plastic pots so that the roots are inaccessible—and that can lead to rootbound plants requiring a manual pruning of the roots as part of the transplant process, which in turn can lead to transplant shock. With air pruning, when roots grow large enough to escape the surrounding media, the root tips dry out and stop growing. Plants respond to this by producing more lateral roots. The result is healthy plants with dense root systems that are far less prone to transplant shock.

Fabric Air Root Pruning Pots

Until manufacturers started developing other types of aeration containers, fabric air pruning pots were the industry standard. That’s because they reliably provide air exposure to the root ball on all sides, which is ideal for developing healthy root systems. They’re also easy to transport. Depending on the fabric pots or bags selected, some can be washed and reused while others are semi-degradable. The fabric containers offered by Growers’ Goods come from RootMaker® and Root Pouch, both dependable manufacturers of fabric containers. Plants grown in root-pruning containers (whether plastic or fabric) demonstrate the ability to cope with being containerized for longer. This means you could potentially decrease the size of your container without the risk of a plant becoming root-bound.

Plastic Aeration Containers

Plastic air root pruning pots are growing in popularity. One reason why is that quality plastic air root pruning containers are reusable, which means one investment and you can use them across several growing seasons. These typically resemble standard containers, but with holes along the sides rather than just drain holes at the bottom. Good plastic air pruning containers will provide plenty of airflow to prune root tips—without so much obstruction that roots re-direct back into the container rather than allowing air to prune them. Growers’ Goods carries a broad selection of plastic air pots wholesale manufactured by RediRoot® and RootMaker®.


Enhanced Rooting with Air Root Pruning Containers

Advantages of using air root pruning containers, whether plastic aeration containers or fabric air pruning containers, are numerous but one example of the plant health benefit is enhanced rooting.  Faster root development could result in a shorter crop time, as well as the production of more fibrous roots, which aid in nutrient and water uptake, and better growth.