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Growers and Retailers looking to enhance and grow their sustainable product offering choose CowPots™. Gardeners share that interest in being good land stewards to improve the environment. A steward of the land has a deep relationship with the soil, knowing that nourishing and building the soil will reward by providing care for the crops upon which it supports. As a biodegradable plant container, consumers purchasing horticulture pots are making thoughtful decisions about our resources (land, water and air) and thus CowPots™ virtually sell themselves right off the shelf in all retail outlets. Retail packaged CowPots™, purchased at wholesale pricing for resale, are available in 3” round and 3" square pots; 4” square pots; and SixCell flat germination trays.

Benefits to Plants

Environmentally superior to peat and fiber pots, CowPots™:
  1. Unrestricted root penetration means never a root bound plant
  2. Reduced transplant shock by placing the CowPot directly into the soil – no cutting or tearing of the container
  3. Enriches the soil with rapid decomposition from the naturally ocurring nitrogen found in cow manure

Benefits to the Planet

Environmentally sound choice compared to plastic pots, CowPots™:
  1. 100% biodegradable adding zero waste to landfills (plastic pots are on-recyclable)
  2. 100% renewable materials – 100% peat-free; 100% plastic-free
  3. Manufactured with renewable energies using solar power & methane gas

Benefits to People

  1. Easy to use – plant the whole pot
  2. Made in America
  3. Biodegrades in one growing season
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