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Wholesale RootTrapper Grow Bags

The RootTrapper® Grow Bag is an all-purpose fabric bag that can be used indoors or outdoors as an above-ground growing container for cannabis, ornamentals, vegetables, specimen trees and more.

RootTrapper® Fabrics

Patented Bi-layer laminated felt sidewall and base: tightly woven black, spun-bonded polyester needle felt polyester fabric that utilizes root entrapment technique to develop dense, fibrous roots without root circling.  The exterior white polypropylene coating is designed to reflect the sun’s radiant energy away from the container to avoid overheating the root zone which in turn increases water efficiency by reducing water evaporation.  The weave of the felt fabric has greater oxygen penetration that accelerates the growth rate of the plant.  Durable for multi-year use.  Easy to clean by simply hosing down with water.  Fold to store.

RootTrapper® Grow Bag Advantages & Savings

Unlike other fabric grow bags that build up salt residue on the bag which in turn hurts the growth of the plant, RootTrapper® is manufactured with a patented fabric design that conserves water, greatly slowing water exit and creating a fibrous root system.  This fibrous root system is more efficient in water and nutrient absorption.  Because of this, it may be necessary to reduce your watering program.  The patented bi-layer fabric also greatly reducing the loss of nutrients seeping out of the bag.  Reduction in water and nutrient loss through seepage results in cost savings when using the RootTrapper® Grow Bags. 

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