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Wholesale Fabric Grow Bags & Pots

Unlike traditional plastic pots, fabric grow bags from Growers’ Goods fold flat, which means they take up a lot less storage space. Fabric grow bags and pots are much cheaper to ship and are highly versatile growing options. Our available inventory comes in sizes ranging from pint bags for propagation up to 600-gallon tree bags for tree farmers, cannabis growers, and more.

Growers’ Goods carries wholesale grow bags from Root Pouch and RootMaker® to give you plenty of products to choose from.  Each style of fabric grow bag is unique in its purpose. 

If the options are overwhelming, review our fabric pot cheat sheet to help determine the correct fabric pot for your production setup.  

Fabric Grow Bags & Fabric Pots Available in Bulk

Uses for Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric grow bags have a lot of uses:
  • Nurseries rely on wholesale fabric pots to grow trees, shrubs, and more. Our inventory of highly versatile, name-brand grow bags can be used in-ground, above-ground, and pot-in-pot.
  • In grow rooms, cannabis cultivators particularly love Root Pouch’s charcoal line for growing healthy plants from the roots up.
  • In greenhouses, growers use wholesale fabric grow bags for a variety of reasons, including growing annuals and herbs.
  • Garden centers love them for making arrangements that customers can pick up, take home, and place in their own containers.

Building Healthy Root Systems with Fabric Grow Bags

Air root pruning is popular as one of the best ways to grow healthy plants as it stops roots from circling and creating unhealthy bundle of roots that eventually chokes the plant. With air root pruning, plants self-prune when the root tips encounter air rather than continuing to grow in circles. Fabric grow bags are particularly useful for air root pruning as well as root entrapments for building healthy root systems because our wholesale fabric grow pots allow roots to contact air on all sides. Plastic agricultural containers, however, can cause roots to circle wherever they meet the plastic pot.

Get Growing with Bulk Fabric Grow Bags at Wholesale Prices!

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