Wholesale Biodegradable Nursery & Plant Pots

Biodegradable nursery pots and biodegradable plant pots, sold wholesale at Growers’ Goods, come with several advantages for commercial growers. Biodegradable plant pots are a cost-effective option that can help prevent plants from becoming root bound. Certain types of biodegradable nursery pots make transplanting much easier since they can be placed in the ground, pot and all. Choose a type of wholesale biodegradable plant pot that encourages root penetration, and there is no need to tear the pots in order to put them in the ground. Over time, the plant pots will break down, and much like compost or other soil amendments, the decaying organic material that these types of plant pots are made from will help improve soil health.

That’s one advantage that everyone enjoys—gardeners included—but for those in the commercial growing business, biodegradable nursery pots have even more advantages. They’re a sustainable product, which means less waste ends up in landfills when using these plant pots, particularly at the scale in which greenhouses and other businesses use pots of varying sizes. They’re also a great way to market to end consumers. Today’s consumers are more eco-minded than ever before, which means they gravitate to sustainable products in sustainable packaging. That includes plants sold in a biodegradable nursery pot.

Wholesale Biodegradable Plant Pots – Labor Savings

Benefits of biodegradable nursery pots and biodegradable plant pots abound. Health of the plant and planet top that list. But an added advantage that is highly prized by commercial growers is the resulting labor savings. Thousands of hours are spent every year transplanting thousands of flowering annuals to retail ready plant pots. Additionally, those discarded plastic propagation pots require trash pickup at the end of planting. With wholesale biodegradable pots, no labor is required to transplant – as the plants are sellable in their growing container, and no pots are discarded to the trash as the biodegradable pot is planted directly in the soil. The advantages of biodegradable nursery pots reduce waste, reduce labor, improve soil and plant health. A win all the way around.

Biodegradable Plant Pots Wholesale from CowPots™

At Grower’s Goods, we offer biodegradable pots from CowPots™. These are an innovative, sustainable product that is even better for the environment than the traditional peat pot. That’s because peat bogs, which are harvested for peat pot production and to create other peat-based products, can take up to a century to regenerate. CowPots™, however, are made using cow manure. They biodegrade faster than peat pots—composting fully in just one growing season—and they come in a variety of styles to facilitate growers’ needs from small to large. Since they’re made using cow manure that is first processed to produce methane before being formed into CowPots™, these are a 100% sustainable product—which is a selling point that customers of greenhouses and nurseries will enjoy.

Growers’ Goods is also a wholesale garden supply distributor of retail packaged CowPots™ for garden centers and other retail outlets needing to purchase biodegradable pots bulk.