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Wholesale Fabric Air Pruning Pots & Containers

Once a revolutionary idea, air pruning pots & containers are now becoming the norm for commercial growers of outside nursery can yards, greenhouses, hoop houses, and every other controlled environment.  Air pruning containers are specially designed to encourage healthy roots in plants.  As the roots reach the edge of the pots, air flowing through holes in the sidewall stops the roots from growing any further.  This air pruning process forces the plants to grow more root branches, resulting in more fibrous roots.  A dense and fibrous root system means healthier plants because there are more roots that absorb water and nutrients in the soil.  This technique has also been proven very beneficial in the propagation of cannabis, plants, and trees.  Seedlings of trees that have been started in air pruning pots have a greater chance of survival when transplanted to their final location.

Fabric Air Pruning Pots

Fabric air pruning pots are available in a variety of thicknesses to match your grow environment and intended use.  Thicker more durable fabric is best for any type of outdoor grow that can withstand a variety of weather conditions and still maintain its strength and durability for multiple seasons.  Indoor growers, specifically in a grow room environment, would require thinner material that need only last a specific length of time during one season.  Commercial growers in this environment like the ease of ‘one and done’ fabric air pruning pots and air pruning propagation bags.

Benefits of Air Pruning Containers

It can be expected that plants will develop a mature root system earlier and top growth has been reported to be upwards of 20% greater than for plants in a traditional plastic nursery pot.  The reason for that is simple:  a better-developed root system with a large quantity of younger more vigorous roots can feed and drink more to support more top growth.  Improved aeration and drainage prevent the chance of overwatering and root rot.

Air root pruning is a natural, non-invasive approach compared to the inferior manual methods of root pruning.  Mechanical pruning is required at the worst time of a plant's life when it is the most vulnerable at transplanting time.  It also has the disadvantage of most likely removing young active roots which are the ones that are the most useful after transplanting.  Copper pruning requires the use of chemicals which poses various health and environmental issues.

Growers looking to incorporate air pruning pots into their automation line will want to use plastic aeration containers.
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