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Wholesale Cow Manure Pots - Cow Pots

Testing has proven cow manure pots to be superior to other biodegradable containers, such as peat pots, in at least one very important respect. Once transplanted into the soil, ‘cow pots’ completely break down (unlike a peat pot which at the end of the growing season when plants are pulled out, still have roots confined to the pots in which they were originally planted). The nitrogen content of cow manure enhances the decay of the biodegradable pots, so they break down in one growing season. Nitrogen kick starts the composting process of the cow manure pot as well as attracts those desirable microorganisms in the soil that both assist in the decomposition process as well as improve the health of the plant by virtue of improved soil health. Cow Pots™ are a sustainable, biodegradable potting option that is tapping into a renewable resource that is in an over-abundant supply. Over 50 million wholesale Cow Pots™ have been produced in the last 15 years from recycled materials: Manure is first used to generate biogas in a methane digester. That biogas is burned to heat hot water. After its provided energy, it’s separated, composted and formed into Cow Pots™.

Wholesale Cow Pots™ Growing Tips

Despite being made of manure, manure pots do not smell, but they do easily decompose which is why they are a great choice for growers interested in sustainable horticultural containers. Follow these 3 tips when growing in manure pots:
  1. Do not overwater – Allowing the CowPots’ walls to dry will slow down the rate of decomposition and increase the shelf life of your potted plant before transplanting. Just follow the color of your pot. A darker brown pot means no watering. When the pot turns light brown, it is time to water.
  2. Space out the manure pots – Ventilation helps to dry the CowPots’ walls between watering and also encourages better plant growth by allowing plant roots to breathe and improve by air pruning.
  3. Step Up – In general, CowPots™ have a shelf life of 12 weeks. If you need to keep your plants above ground for a longer period, or if the spring is cold, you will be best served stepping your seedling up to the next size CowPot™.

Cow Manure Pot Advantages

A healthier plant is the natural ‘given’ when it comes to listing the advantages of growing in cow manure pots. There is zero transplant shock as the 100% biodegradable nursery pot is planted directly into the soil without any disruption to the plants’ roots since the roots will penetrate through the pot's porous walls. This becomes the most significant financial benefit to the bottom line of the commercial grower for 3 reasons:
  1. The survivability rate of transplanted annuals equates to increased revenue
  2. Labor savings not having to remove plants from the nursery pot when transplanting thousands of flowering annuals
  3. Labor savings not having to pick up plastic plant pots or trash at the end of planting

Manure Pots reduce waste, reduce labor, improve soil health, and improve plant health. It’s time to incorporate wholesale CowPots™ into your grow operation. Request a quote for bulk manure pots today.

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