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WholesaleBulk Nursery Pots

Plastic has been the predominant container material for wholesale bulk nursery pots because plastic containers are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors and are relatively inexpensive.  Alternative containers such as fabric grow bags and cow manure pots can be more expensive but is a recognized sustainable change that growers and retailers can make.  Whichever your choice, containers are the backbone of nursery growers.  Nurseries grow small trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in container fields by the hundreds, if not thousands.  You get better growth on plants grown in larger plastic containers almost without exception.  It makes sense, really, because the larger the root zone, the more roots.  The more roots, the more above-ground growth.  Science supports potting up plants in smaller plastic nursery pots quickly into their final bulk nursery pot rather than making several intermediate transplants.
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