Wholesale Horticultural & Greenhouse Supplies

You have the containers needed to grow — and if you don’t, then be sure to check out our selection of growing containers and harvesting containers. We carry a full lineup of wholesale horticultural supplies so that we can support you with everything needed for both growing and harvesting. Wholesale greenhouse supplies don’t stop at containers, though!

You’ll also need the essentials—like the products that go inside these containers. That includes grow media and other essentials to support green, growing things. In particular, be sure to check out the Root Inoculant from Unleash. Good growing starts with the roots, and Growers’ Goods is pleased to offer this product. It’s a blend of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria that is designed to unlock nitrogen, phosphorus, and micronutrients, thus increasing nutrient availability so that plants grow healthier and stronger. One of the great things about Root Inoculant is that it works well across soil, soilless, and hydroponic growing methods.

Growers’ Goods is always looking for unique and useful products to help growers increase their efficiency, plant quality and profitability. One of these interesting products is the RootCap® by RootMaker®. These are reusable barrier disks that tree farms and nurseries use to keep weeds from growing around trees or from growing in containers without the use of herbicides. They come in sizes ranging between 6” and 24” in diameter, and aside from keeping weeds down, they offer a variety of other benefits. RootCaps conserve water, increase root growth, and reduce temperatures in the root zone.  These added benefits make them a winner for indoor growers as well.

Whatever wholesale greenhouse supplies you need, Growers’ Goods is here to support you. That includes producers of all types, not just greenhouses and nurseries. If you’re growing field crops, running a hydroponic operation, a vineyard, an orchard, or producing some other type of agricultural product, we have the wholesale horticultural supplies you need.
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