WholesalePlastic Pallets

Plastic pallets from Growers’ Goods are made from one unified piece, making them stronger and safer than other pallet constructions. Loaded plastic pallets are easily stackable to make transportation, floor storage, and automated material handling straightforward and easy. These skids are also reusable, 100% recyclable, and available in USDA-approved food safe. Additional features include:
  • Dynamic load capacity up to 5,000 lbs
  • Static load capacity up to 25,000 lbs
  • 4-way lift entry
  • Integrated runner designed
  • And much more!

Heavy-Duty and HDPE Plastic Pallets Available in Bulk

Why Choose Plastic Pallets?

While wooden pallets are the traditional, go-to solution for many nurseries and grow operations, plastic pallets offer a better return on investment for you. They are lightweight, easy to transport, cost-effective, and readily available. Plastic pallets are also a more hygienic option, removing the worries of rot, infestation, fumigation, or odor associated with wooden pallets. Plastic pallets take up less space and have a longer working lifespan when compared to skids built of other materials.

Plastic Skids for Any Agricultural Application

Our inventory of high-quality HDPE plastic pallets is used widely throughout the agricultural industry as they are ideal for storing or moving perishable materials, including fruits, vegetables, various plants, animal feed, and more. These skids are composed of weather-resistant materials that stand up to temperature fluctuations, making them an excellent solution for virtually any greenhouse, nursery, farm, or agricultural project.

Grow Together with Our Wholesale Plastic Pallets

At Growers’ Goods, we are dedicated to cultivating lasting partnerships through high-quality containers, pallets, and other wholesale agricultural solutions. As a family-owned and operated business, we are firmly planted in doing things right by you, your grow operation, and our planet. In addition to our plastic pallets, we offer:Ready to plant the seeds for a strong and sustainable grow operation? Contact us today. We’ll answer your questions, provide further information, and supply you with the heavy-duty plastic pallets and other grow products you need.