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Wholesale Weed Control Discs

Weeds are a problem, and costs to control them can get out of control for container nurseries.  Additionally, the presence of weeds in containers has a significant negative impact on the finished quality and growth of crops.  Despite the effective use of herbicides, nursery weeds continue to emerge.  The nefarious Spurge requires a mere 5 days to germinate!  It is no wonder container growers spend countless hours developing weed management systems that involve a rotation of perfectly timed and applied herbicides combined with hand-weeded labor.  The labor alone can be a major expense averaging $420/1,000 three-gallon pots over four months (NCSU 2001). 

Fortunately, container nurseries and vineyards have one of the easiest and most cost-effective alternatives available to block weeds from growing in containers.  RootCap weed control discs cover the surface of containers eliminating the growth of container weeds.  Manufactured of coarse, recycled synthetic fibers, these discs are also ideal for indoor and outdoor use to trap evaporation.  The barrier discs pay for themselves in one year when compared with the labor savings of hand-pulling weeds.  With proper storage and general use, the RootCap weed control discs will last up to 10 years as a method of controlling weeds for container nurseries and vineyards.  
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