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48 x 48 Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets come in lots of sizes—from smaller at 37 x 37 all the way up to 48 x 48 plastic pallets. Which should you choose? When you need the ability to carry heavier loads or larger bins, bigger ones will be better. But there are some other factors that will influence your choice, too, so we’ll discuss pallet sizes and how to choose them below.

Standard Pallet Sizes

There is actually a standard for pallet sizes! This standard comes from the Consumer Brand Association, which has a major influence on the way consumer goods are packaged around the world—and that includes pallets and pallet sizes.

So what’s most common? The most-used size is the 48 x 40-inch pallet, which is commonly referred to as the “GMA pallet.” If that sounds confusing, it’s because the CBA was formerly known as the GMA. Roughly 30% of pallets made in the United States are made in this size.

The next most common sizes are 42 x 42 pallets followed by 48 x 48 pallets.

Should You Choose 48x48 Plastic Pallets?

This size is a common one, even if it isn’t the most common—and that means it’s not a bad choice. You’ll be able to find pallet racks and moving equipment easily to accommodate this size. It’s also a good size for shipping—though depending on your shipping methods, you may want to go with 48 x 40 plastic pallets.

In general, 48x48 plastic pallets are great when you need the extra strength or extra space—like when you have bins or totes that won’t stack as well on pallets in a smaller size.

Find 48 x 48 Plastic Pallets at Growers’ Goods

If you’re looking for 48 x 48 plastic pallets, Growers’ Goods has you covered. We offer pallets not only in this size but in a variety of other sizes, too. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the right size for your greenhouse or agricultural operation.

Plastic Pallets Offered by Growers' Goods

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