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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Are plastic pallets an expense or an asset? Here at Growers’ Goods, we see them as an asset—and that’s why we offer heavy-duty plastic pallets that you can reuse over and over as opposed to wooden ones that are prone to breaking and need to be replaced more often.

What should you look for in a plastic pallet? We’ll show you so that you can make an informed decision with your next Growers’ Goods purchase!

Maximize your Return on Investment with Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

When you see how much plastic pallets cost, you might be tempted to go the cheaper route and use wood pallets. But are cheaper pallets actually a good use of your money? Not necessarily!

Consider the useful life of a wooden pallet, for starters. They’re usually made from cost-effective materials (because that’s what drives the price down) and therefore, the lumber is prone to splintering and breaking, sometimes after only a few uses. The fasteners that hold them together can come apart, too. Over time, you’ll find yourself spending more money on replacements than you would have spent on an initial purchase of plastic pallets that are designed to go the distance.

Another way that heavy duty plastic pallets can give you a good ROI is in the way they’re used. Do you need USDA-approved food-safe solutions? Is life in the warehouse easier when your pallets have a 4-way lift entry? Choosing pallets designed for the work you’re doing and the product you’re producing can save time and hassle—which saves you money over the long term.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets from Growers’ Goods

If you want to make an investment in durable, recyclable plastic pallets designed to make storage and handling easy, choose from the selection we offer here at Growers’ Goods. You’ll find products that feature high load capacities, 4-way lift entries, integrated runner designs, and more. Whatever you’re growing, we have heavy-duty plastic pallets perfect for your operation.

Plastic Pallets Offered by Growers' Goods

We inventory a wide selection of plastic pallets ready to ship.  Our selection includes:
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