Wholesale Produce Harvesting Containers

When it comes time to harvest, you need the tools to do it right—and those tools include not just the equipment you’ll use to bring in the crop, but also containers that can handle whatever you have planted, wherever you are growing it. Produce harvesting containers are necessary for just about every type of agriculture imaginable: Greenhouses, field crops, cannabis production facilities, orchards, vineyards, and more.

For growers of all stripes, harvest time is the most important time of the year. It’s what you’ve been working toward throughout the growing season, and in many cases, even before the growing season starts. For lots of producers, the preparations for the next harvest begin at the end of the last harvest—and that’s true of field crops, greenhouse crops, indoor controlled environments, and other types of operations. Think of harvesting containers not as utilitarian totes, but as an investment in protecting the crop you’re producing and all the work that went into it.

That’s why Growers’ Goods supplies containers to support growers of all kinds. It starts with the MACX line of agricultural plastic bins. One of the great things about MACX products is that some of the available bins can be completely customized to your exact needs—doors, drains, casters, color and dimensions. Among other products, there are reusable plastic bulk containers for large produce operations as well as wineries for the fermenting of grapes. Depending on your needs, there are vented bulk containers available that you can use to ensure that crops are kept at the right temperatures with proper oxygenation and drainage.

These harvesting containers are useful for a variety of applications—grape bins, cherry bins, apple totes, onion bins, picking baskets, you name it! These are available in a variety of sizes, from handheld harvest lugs to larger bulk bins for big harvests. There are a variety of designs available, too, from collapsible harvest totes to stackable bins suitable for transport. There are thousands of types of produce harvesting containers available—and Growers’ Goods will source any product requested by our customers, be it harvest lugs, totes, baskets, sacks, or something else. Anything planted, everywhere grown, you’ll find what you need for a productive, profitable harvest right here.
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