Wholesale Plastic Harvest Bins & Containers

MACX® harvest bins from Growers’ Goods are the ultimate agricultural bulk container solution. These impact-resistant plastic harvest bins are built for the most rigorous harvesting and production logistics demands while safely protecting and packing out your produce. MACX harvest bins are rugged, one-piece plastic agricultural containers with customization possibilities. Built for agricultural applications, bulk HDPE plastic harvest containers are engineered to fit directly on harvesting equipment and move crops from the field to processing or go straight to market.

Plastic Harvest Bins Available in Bulk

Why Choose Plastic Harvest Bins?

Smooth surfaces and rounded corners safeguard your harvest contents from damage. Harvest bins are maintenance-free and stand up to repeated power washing or steam cleaning. Growers’ Goods offer three configurations of MACX plastic bulk harvest containers:Our stock of harvest bins can be customized with many features, including casters, doors, lids, drains, RFID tracking, and more. Simply fill out the configurator on the custom bin product page to begin the custom design process.

Ventilated Harvest Containers vs. Solid Harvest Containers

MACX food-grade HDPE ventilated plastic bins come with air vents on the side and at the base of the container to provide ventilation for produce. This ventilation adds valuable shelf with the prevention of molding and an even drying process of products. Solid or watertight harvest bins allow finer products and liquids to be stored or transported.

Both ventilated and solid plastic harvest containers are easily stacked, can withstand moisture and temperature differences, and have rounded corners and smooth interior surfaces to prevent fruits and vegetables from bruising and damaging, increasing pack-out percentages.

The Advantages of Plastic Bins Over Wooden Crates

Plastic harvest crates may not have entered the market until the ‘70s, but they are appearing in more and more fields as each season passes due to their numerous advantages over wooden bins. These advantages include:
  • Significantly lighter tare weight
  • Non-porous surfaces are easier to disinfect
  • Stack neatly and safely with a nesting design
  • Highly durable and reusable
  • Ventilation for better cooling and airflow
  • Integrated fork pockets simplify handling
  • No splinters in fruits or vegetables
  • And many more!

Cultivating Lasting Relationships Through Quality Products

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