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Ventilated Harvest Bins

MACX Vented Harvest Bins have slots on the sidewalls that increase airflow to cool down product faster and are best for use in humid environments.  Constructed of maintenance-free HDPE plastic, these ventilated storage bins for harvesting meet USDA/HACCP standards for food product handling. Each large capacity bin has a 1500lb weight capacity or a volume of 190 gallons. 

The reinforced columns improve impact resistance and reduce damage during tough harvests.  The MACX vented harvest bins are available with either a 4-way or 2-way lift entry.

MACX Vented Harvest Bin Runners - Short or Long

For the most part, your choice of handling equipment will dictate which runner configuration you will need, while your application and storage area size and configuration will dictate what equipment you will need.  Small harvest storage areas are better suited for pallet jacks due to their increased mobility.  However, pallet jack entry is limited to the direction the runners are going.  Forklifts require more space, but can enter on all 4 ways and are should be used if you require a dumping motion of the harvest gin or need to stack the bins high.

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