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Solid Wall Plastic Harvest Bins

Plastic Harvest Bins are the 21st Century replacement for the ancient wooden crates.  Premium high-impact, FDA-compliant High Density Polyethylene Plastic is lighter, stronger, resilient and more sanitary than wood bins and crates. Plastic Harvest Bins are easily stored and safe to stack.  The polished corners and smooth surfaces reduce the effects of abrasion and allow for quick cleaning.  In addition, the bulk plastic harvest bins remain nonporous, reducing contamination, especially when compared to wooden containers.  

These tough and light bulk harvest containers are ideal for storing and transporting grains, as well as harvesting vegetables, fruit and nuts.  Color-coded options are available to maintain food safety and stand out against your other materials.  To preserve food safety, the solid bulk plastic harvest bins may be easily cleaned or pressure washed for reuse.  The optional lids will keep your harvest safe while still allowing you to stack the bins for storage.  They're great for keeping pests and foul odors at bay from your spent grains.  Used as grape harvest bins, the grapes can be fermented in the same bin.  Runners make forklift or pallet jack transport simple.

Solid Wall Bulk Plastic Harvest Bin Features

  • Stands up to heavy day-to-day use.  The one-piece design eliminates the problem of harvest product getting trapped between the side walls and base
  • Reduced maintenance costs, fewer injuries to workers, and less damage
  • Certified safe for use with food products which eliminates many HACCP problems associated with wood bins
  • Lightweight, reduces shipping costs and makes it easier to move by hand
  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces reduce damage to your harvest.  The need for expensive liners may be eliminated
  • Reuseable bulk bins are easy to sanitize
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