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Stackable & Export Plastic Pallets

Wondering when to purchase stackable plastic pallets as opposed to wood or nestable plastic pallets? Even though wood pallets are generally cheaper, and nestable pallets save space in storage, there are a few good reasons to choose stackable plastic over other alternatives.

Choose Stackable Pallets for Pallet Racks

This is one of the big ones. If you’re planning to use pallet racks, most are designed for use with stackable pallets rather than nestable ones. These racks are typically simple, featuring upright supports along with horizontal supports across the front and back of the structure to hold the pallets. The legs on nestable pallets will fall through those racks, which means you need to use stackable pallets—otherwise, you’ll find it difficult or impossible to use a forklift to remove the pallets from the racks.

Stackable Plastic Pallets Make a Great Export Pallet

If you’re planning to ship your produce overseas, stackable plastic pallets are a great choice. International shippers need to comply with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures—specifically, ISPM-15, which is a set of rules designed to prevent the shipment of potentially contaminated wood.

Thus, wood pallets and packaging need to comply with ISPM-15 requirements, which means they need to be over 6 mm in thickness, and they must be properly treated to make sure they’re safe.

Plastic pallets get around those rules. They won’t carry fungus or potentially invasive insects the way wood pallets will—and that makes them a great choice as an export pallet that complies with regulations.

Find Stackable Plastic Pallets at Growers’ Goods

Whether you’re exporting produce or looking for stackable plastic pallets to use in your grow operation, in food production, or elsewhere, Growers’ Goods has what you need. We’ve designed our product lineup to fit green operations of all kinds. Get in touch with us to learn more about our available products, or if you need help choosing the perfect stackable pallet.

Additional Plastic Pallets Offered by Growers' Goods

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