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48 x 40 Plastic Pallets

When should you choose pallets in a particular size? The 48 x 40 plastic pallet is a popular choice—and there are a few reasons why. We’ll explore those reasons below.

48 x 40 Plastic Pallets for Standardization

While you can choose any size that works for your unique needs, if you anticipate the need for standard sizes, then 48 x 40 pallets are the way to go. These are known as “Grocery Market Association” or GMA pallets.

That’s because the Consumer Brand Association (formerly known as the Grocery Market Association) has a big influence on the way consumer goods are packaged around the world. They even have standardized sizes for pallets—and 48 x 40 is the most common of their standard sizes.

Thus, these pallets will work well anytime you need a standard size—like when you’re using them in conjunction with pallet racks or lifting equipment designed for a particular size.

Eliminate Shipping Worries with 48 x 40 Plastic Pallets

This is another good reason to choose this size. Because 48 x 40 pallets are the most common standardized sizes (the next two most common being 42 x 42 and 48 x 48 plastic pallets), it’s easier to ship them. Whether shipping via air, truck, train, or shipping container, your shipper will definitely be equipped to handle this size whereas less common sizes may prove problematic.

Find the Right Pallets at Growers’ Goods

Whatever size you need—including 48 x 40 plastic pallets—you’ll find it here at Growers’ Goods. Our goal is to provide greenhouses, growers, and agricultural operations of all kinds with the tools they need to grow, process, and ship their produce. Feel free to reach out to us for help finding a specific product or to ask any questions you may have.

Plastic Pallets Offered by Growers' Goods

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