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Wholesale Aeration Containers

There is no question that choosing aeration containers is an easy way to get better results, better yields and better crop quality at harvest. Aeration containers work the exact same way as a traditional black nursery pot in the sense that it holds a specified amount of grow media and has holes at the bottom for drainage. But that is where the similarities end. The sidewalls and bottom of an aeration pot are considerably more open for drainage and aeration - the container is breathable. When you consider that plants grown in nature breathe quite freely and drain excess water freely; avoid heat buildup around roots and release stale used air, you come to understand the biomimicry of aeration containers. Conventional plastic nursery pots restrict all those natural and beneficial processes that occur in soil.

In a traditional plant pot, roots of the plant will begin to circle around the sides of the pot looking for nutrition. That is completely contrary to nature. Lack of oxygen and deformed roots cause the plants to struggle. Aeration containers minimize circling roots and maximize fibrous root development by effectively naturally pruning the roots when they meet air at the holes in the side of the pot. This signals the plant to sprout new, fresh lateral roots along the root ball which is very good for the plant.

Aeration Container Advantages

  • Improved oxygen flow to root system
  • Enhanced water uptake
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • No root circling
  • Prevents root rot
  • No transplant shock
  • Better structured root system

Aeration Containers Make You Money

How so? Higher survivability rates and faster plant growth is an easy revenue calculation. The hidden numbers in money saved also add to the bottom line. Aeration containers save you money on manual labor costs. During transplant no time will be wasted cutting away knotted, tangled root balls. There is no effort at all . . . the pot does all the work!

Plastic Aeration Containers

Durable, long-lasting plastic aeration containers are used by commercial growers in all areas of horticulture from food production to growing the largest trees at tree farms. While fabric air pruning pots were one of the first air-pruning options available, growers began looking for a more durable option that would hold up over multiple growing seasons. A plastic aeration container made with UV protectant or elastomer will help ensure that the containers do not become brittle if used in an outdoor grow environment.
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