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Wholesale RootTrapper Pot-in-Pot

The RootTrapper® In-Pot Fabric Bag is constructed exactly the same as the RootTrapper® with both the sidewall and base fabricated of the patented bi-layer needle-felt interior, laminated with a white polypropylene coating on the exterior.  The difference is the RootTrapper® In-Pot is custom made to fit the dimensions of your socket pot for in-pot productions.  Root escape is nearly non-existent and a fibrous root system is created through root entrapment technology.  The grow bag’s white exterior also greatly lowers the root temperature.

The RootTrapper® In-Pot grow bag is specifically designed for use in socket pot production.

RootTrapper® In-Pot Fabric Material

The interior of the RootTrapper® II fabric grow bag is a synthetic, non-degradable felt polyester fabric with an exterior white laminated polypropylene coating that is designed to reflect the sun’s radiant energy away from the container to avoid overheating the root zone.  This protects the tender roots from damage and also helps conserve water that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.  The porous fabric design equates to each square inch pruning up to 100 roots.
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