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RootMaker Pot Licker

The RootMaker® Pot Licker® is a long-lasting, reusable solution to retrofitting the conventional smooth wall nursery pot.  The root-tip trapping technology of the RootTrapper® sidewall fabric design prohibits roots from growing through the Pot Licker® or circling the sidewalls of the pot.  This is an economical solution to converting black plastic nursery pots into a root stimulating container for healthy and rapid plant growth.

The Pot Licker® is simply inserted along the walls of the conventional black plastic nursery pot.  Available in sizes up to 10 gallons as an unseamed strip of fabric you will line the interior of the pot.  This will accommodate the different sizes of plastic pots.  No base material is needed as plants and trees will shift up in container size before the plant roots have time to reach the bottom of the pot.  The 15-, 30-, and 45-gallon Pot Lickers® are sewn with a base made of the same root pruning fabric material that will fit inside the plastic nursery pot.

Benefits of Retrofitted Plastic Nursery Pots

The Pot Licker® is made of a black, spun-bonded fabric that is laminated with a white outer coating.  The inner fabric stops circling roots and continues to stimulate root branching by trapping root tips.  Additionally, the white outer coating greatly reduces container temperature so roots do not die on the sunny side as they so often do in black plastic containers.  Water will seep out the hundred of holes created in this unique fabric material which will reduce water usage and labor costs.
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