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Wholesale Cannabis & Hemp Fabric Pots

Fabric pots for cannabis or hemp grow operations work to air prune roots, so the root ball becomes larger as it uptakes more water and nutrients. These factors are essential when you change feeding to increase leaf production or when you want the plant to focus more on flower, cola, and nug or seed production.

Growers’ Goods is a proud supplier of name-brand wholesale fabric bags for growing cannabis and hemp, including Root Pouch and RootMaker™. Our inventory is ideal for indoor or outdoor grows, promotes healthy roots for healthier plants, and helps to increase your overall cannabis or hemp yield.

Fabric Bags for Growing Cannabis & Hemp Available in Bulk

Fabric Pots for Cannabis Grow Operations

Cannabis fabric pots add value, reduce labor, and improve plant health and yield. Some of the numerous benefits of using our high-quality, name-brand fabric bags for growing cannabis include:
  • Easy no-till planting method
  • Improved root development through air pruning
  • Reduced or removed risks associated with soil contamination with in-ground growing from heavy metals and toxins
  • Better yields in hybrid grows where plants are placed outdoors during the day and moved inside at night
  • Improved plant development from seed to clone to full flowering adults to moms
  • Improved water and nutrient availability
  • Decreased evaporation and waste
  • And much, much more.

Fabric Grow Bags for Cultivating Hemp

Cannabis hybrids like hemp receive all the benefits that come with using fabric grow bags, plus a decrease in the risk of contamination from tainted soil. Hemp for fiber is grown in the ground. Hemp for CBD or seed development is tested for toxins. Above-ground gardens that use soil mixes rather than untested soil avoid heavy metal residues from past farming and agriculture projects, such as pesticides or herbicides.

Hemp fabric pots allow the farmer to control the soil aspects, giving them more control over each plant’s final quality and yield. With cannabis fabric pots and hemp fabric pots available in many sizes, farmers remain in control of the growing process from seed through flowering.


Sowing Sustainable Progress for Hemp & Cannabis Growers

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