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Wholesale RootBuilder II Pots

RootBuilder® Pots are the patented design many have tried to copy.  The RootBuilder® Air Pot Containers stop root circling and stimulate root branching by air root pruning through a honeycomb of openings throughout the sidewall of the pot.  The second generation, RootBuilder® II design, has improved upon the first.  Better than the original design that has been copied, the RootBuilder® II pots have more openings, yet still only expose a mere 5% of the sidewall to openings.  This increases the air root pruning technique while at the same time minimizing water and nutrient loss.  The updated design of the RootBuilder® II Pots has modified the angle of the honeycomb protrusions to now point down.  This seemingly small but significant design change addresses two key issues created by protrusions that point straight out as did in the original and copied designs:
  1. Plant roots are kept cooler
  2. Root circling has been eliminated as the new sidewall design forces roots to find a hole.
RootBuilder® Pots as used by indoor and outdoor cannabis growers and in tree production 3” and up.  RootBuilder® Pots are used for above-ground growing only.

RootBuilder® Pots Styles

RootBuilder® II Kits – available in pint, quart, 1-, 2-, 3-, and 5-gallon sizes come with all necessary components to start growing:  honeycomb sidewalls, base disk, connectors.

RootBuilder® II Expandable – pre-sized honeycomb sidewall panel available in 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 55-, 70-, and 100-gallon sizes and applicable connectors.  This is the popular style used by tree nurseries who wish to have the flexibility of increasing the size of the container as the tree grows without the time and expense of having to transport the tree to the potting shed to shift up.  The Expandable RootBuilder II Pot can be expanded on-site.  Growers will want to think about the exit size of their tree when purchasing the RootBuilder II Expandable Pot and purchase the final size tree.

RootBuilder® II Rolls – available in 17” and 34” high rolls allow growers to create their own custom air pruning container for growing or composting.  Each roll contains a continuous 96’ panel of honeycomb sidewall material that can be cut to create a custom-sized container for virtually any application – including outdoor compost bins.
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