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Wholesale RootTrapper Grounder

The RootTrapper® Grounder grow bag sidewalls are constructed of the patented bi-layer needle-felt interior with the exterior laminated with a white polypropylene coating.  The RootTrapper® Grounder has a porous base fabricated of knit fabric which allows roots to penetrate and thus tack to the ground to greatly reduce blow over and reclaim some water and nutrient runoff.  Drainage is also greatly improved with this design.

The RootTrapper® Grounder is specifically designed for above-ground, field-grown production for tree nurseries.  Hydroponic growers are also utilizing this design in Flood and Drain hydroponic setups as the knit base provides an excellent water uptake solution.

RootTrapper® Grounder Fabrics

Bi-layer laminated felt: tightly woven fabric that utilizes root entrapment technique to develop dense, fibrous roots without root circling.  The exterior white coating keeps root temperatures in the safe zone and increases water efficiency.

Knit fabric: covered with 5/64” holes equating to 32 openings in an area the size of a dime which utilizes root constriction technique to develop dense, fibrous roots without circling.  When a root tip contacts the knit fabric, the tip extends through, but as soon as it increases only slightly in diameter, it is constricted signaling to the plant to initiating new root branching 4” back from the root tip.
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