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Wholesale RootTrapper II Grow Bags

The RootTrapper® 2 grow bag is the most popular style fabric bag made by RootMaker®.  The bottom two inches of the sidewall are not laminated with the white polypropylene coating.  This improves drainage and aeration where the soil column needs it most, while not exposing the entire sidewall to excessive evaporation and water loss.  The base of the RootTrapper® II grow bag is the same bi-layer white coated fabric on the sidewall.  This fabric utilizes root entrapment technique to prune the roots at the bag walls thus signaling to the plant it is time to grow more lateral roots from the center of the root ball which will create the desirable dense, fibrous root system while eliminating the issue of circling roots caused by traditional smooth-wall plastic nursery pots.

The RootTrapper® II Grow Bag is designed for outdoor, above-ground growing. 

RootTrapper® 2 (II) Fabric Material

The interior of the RootTrapper® II fabric grow bag is a synthetic, non-degradable felt polyester fabric with an exterior white laminated polypropylene coating that is designed to reflect the sun’s radiant energy away from the container to avoid overheating the root zone.  This protects the tender roots from damage and also helps conserve water that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.  The porous fabric design equates to each square inch pruning up to 100 roots.

RootTrapper® 2 (II) Advantages

Pruning and watering are two of the hardest jobs for growers.  Growing outdoors brings with it a love/hate relationship with Mother Nature:  perfected watering schedules are in place and then she drops a monsoon of rain that is likely to drown container plants if the water has nowhere to go.  The RootTrapper® II is the perfect solution with the bottom 2” of the porous sidewall exposed for extra drainage.
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