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Wholesale RootMaker Plastic Air Pruning Pots

The RootMaker® Injection Molded Plastic Air Pruning Pots utilize a proprietary design of ledges, ridges, ribs, and openings to coax roots to the holes in the sidewall of the container.  This design eliminates the mass of circular roots commonly created by smooth wall planting containers.  Air Root Pruning is the most effective way to stimulate and maintain a healthy, fibrous root structure.

The Injection Molded Plastic Air Pruning Pots come in five sizes:  one, two, three, five, and 15-gallons.  (The 15-gallon air pruning pot is manufactured of blow-molded plastic).  Many nurseries grow their seedlings in these air root pruning pots from spring until fall planting in the field or next shift up. 

These plastic air pruning pots are automation compatible and incorporate built-in handles for easy handling.

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