Wholesale Grow Bags & Fabric Pots

Wholesale Grow Bags have become the go-to choice for commercial growers looking to reduce waste, increase plant yield and improve plant success. Growers’ Goods carries an expansive line of grow bags in different sizes and fabric formulations suited to specific crops and grow environments. The popularity of grow bags has increased as growers look for alternatives to plastic nursery pots. The ‘bag culture’ is defined simply as growing a plant out of a bag (fabric bags are often referred to as fabric pots), the same way one would utilize a plant container or a plastic pot. But bag culture is also defined as a method for extending or expanding the volume of media available to the plant’s root structure.

Cheaper to ship and easier to store, grow bags flatten and take up little space when not in use. Because of their breathability, fabric grow bags create a higher rate density of plants by allowing the fabric pots to sit close together without harming the plants. Grow Bags are widely used in the cannabis industry for both indoor and outdoor cultivation due to cannabis roots expanding very quickly and requiring a lot of room. Fabric grow bags provide a natural root pruning mechanism to keep the plant producing healthy lateral roots and in turn increases the overall canopy size.

Wholesale Grow Bag & Grow Pot Advantages

The greatest advantage fabric grow bags and fabric pots have over their cousins, the plastic bag and the plastic pot, is durability and breathability. Experienced growers understand the importance of plants getting air – specifically, oxygen – to the root zone. While the pretty green parts of the plants (above ground) breathe in CO2, roots actually breathe O2, which is integral to plant growth and development. In fact, it is for this primary reason that many commercial growers choose fabric grow bags, as the size of the root structure is directly proportional to the yield of the plant.

Whether growing on indoor table systems or large-scale outdoor operations where plants are grown tree-size, wholesale grow bags are the ultimate choice of commercial growers.