Root Pouch is the best potting option in any market. It is a no brainer: our plants increase in root mass and subsequent yield; perfect temp regulation, aeration & quality consistency through all pot sizes. We are immensely satisfied!

Cloud Cover Cannabis

Jon Pelzer

Root Pouch Fabric Pots – 65 Gallon Boxer Brown w/ Handles

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Measurements in:   English  Metric
  • Size (english): 65 gal
  • Type: Recycled PET
  • Color: Brown
  • Thickness: 250 g/m2
  • Handles: Yes
  • Base: Recycled PET
  • Height (in): 18
  • Diameter (in): 32
  • Degradable: No
  • Use: Above Ground, Pot in Pot, Indoor, Outdoor
  • Lot Size:
  • Quantity: